Basics: Mobile Tracking on Google Analytics

It’s undeniable that the amount of mobile traffic is rapidly increasing. The Global Index indicated that in 2015 80% of users now use their smartphone to access the internet, so naturally every website owner is looking to understand how applicable this is to their own site. This resource explains how to find those key statistics on Google Analytics.

In Google Analytics, go to the Acquisiton section on the left hand side. Select All Traffic and then Channels to see a breakdown of overall traffic and where it has come from.

How to find Acquisition section, All Channels in Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers the ability to segment traffic by device and one of those pre-made segments is for mobile traffic! Above the table click on “+ Add Segment” and then select ‘mobile traffic’ and click apply.

Adding mobile traffic as a segment in Google Analytics

Now you will be able to see the extent of your mobile traffic on a channel basis, as well as, details including new versus returning users, bounce rate and pages per session. This information can be used to see if there are particular channels that are more inclined to use mobile devices.

You can also apply this segment to the Site Content, tab in the Behaviour section, to see what are the most popular pages for your mobile users.

Applying mobile segmentation to behaviour section in Google Analytics

Compare the most and least popular pages for mobile users and try to gain understanding of why this the case.

And then, most importantly, this can be applied to the Conversion section to obtain your mobile conversion rate.

Applying mobile segment to conversion section

If your website is receiving a large amount of mobile traffic but failing to convert that traffic then we would advise considering mobile landing pages. Mobile landing pages provide the opportunity to test elements of your website specifically to mobile users to find out what will make them convert.

It is as simple as that to gain a clear insight into your customers mobile usage. Google Analytics provides additional segments for a range of audiences including ‘mobile and tablet’ traffic. We would highly recommend looking through them and perhaps even think about creating your own!