Free Online Marketing Seminars from Ignition Search

At Ignition Search, we believe that SEO and PPC don’t need to be cloaked in mystery; and with the right training all businesses can learn the basics of putting successful campaigns together. For this reason, we’ve decided to share our knowledge with businesses in Sheffield in a series of seminars over the next few months, […]

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Generating Leads Through SEO, Closing them the Old Fashioned Way!

Generating sales is an age old problem. Before the telephone was invented sales were done mostly by referral. Businesses and industries were built on reputation and location was an important factor. Proposals and discussions took longer as they were brokered by letter and telegram, meetings were booked weeks in advance and the traveling could take […]

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The Uncomfortable Truth About Mobile Ecommerce & Adwords

So we’ve all had the *opportunity to move to enhanced campaigns. Enhanced campaigns of course got a big fanfare and yes, we all know the stats on local search and yes we know the growth in smartphones and mobile internet use generally. We have been pummelled for seemingly years on why we need mobile ecommerce […]

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Five Tips to Generate More Social Media Traffic

Social media can be an incredible source of traffic although it takes time to build an audience before you start to see the results. The greatest thing about social media is that you can engage and build relationships with real people who are potential customers.

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The Power of Site Link Extensions on PPC Advertising

Google Adwords and PPC advertising remains a constantly evolving weapon in an online marketer’s armoury. Every month Google is finding new ways to increase their coverage, provide a better quality of search and ensure that advertisers keep up with all the changes to still perform well and drive quality, targeted traffic to their websites. One […]

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The Number 1 Overlooked Link Building Tool…Your Phone!

Internet marketing is an industry obsessed with outlook and social media. It dominates our link building and outreach efforts so much that marketers have become blind to the most powerful tool in their arsenal; their phones and more importantly…their voice.

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Sorry But Don’t Obsess Over Link Building Tools

It’s roughly 10 years since I began working formally in the world of SEO and in that time, I’ve seen many link building tools hit the market. These tools generally revolve around analysing the backlinks of competitors or top ranked sites to reverse engineer their rankings. Major tools like OSE, Ahref and Majestic SEO will […]

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Content Calendars: Your Secret Weapon To SEO Success

Creating quality content is one of the only tactics you can rely on for a successful search engine campaign and to create a name for your business online. The Ignition Blog has been a little neglected of late as we have been extremely busy servicing new clients, so we decided to go back to basics […]

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AdWords Conversion Data & Budget Management

Many e-commerce site owners are fully prepared to spend more on AdWords if only the results would justify the extra levels of spend. Often some borderline results will make the site owner nervous about increasing their outlay and exposure to risk, as a bad week could be extremely costly. In previous times the only metrics […]

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Why Using A Google Qualified Professional Is Better For Your Adwords

Over the past few years, many new companies and individuals have popped up offering AdWords and PPC services to people looking to advertise on Google. However, when it comes to selecting somebody to help manage your AdWords account for you, it’s important to check that person is qualified to do so first. To become a […]

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A View From An SEO Old Timer

“Do you know the difference between education and experience? Education is when you read the fine print; experience is what you get when you don’t.” Pete Seeger Can I start this article by saying I’m not that old – but in SEO terms, I’m ancient. I’ve been working in the seo trenches professionally since 2002 […]

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The SEO Game is Afoot!

Trying to solve the mystery of a good SEO strategy is a murky business littered with rogues waylaying you at every junction, dodgy characters lurking in the shadows and temptation a constant whispering voice coaxing you to commit crimes against your own website. How do you begin to know what the right thing to do […]

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PPC (Pay Per Click). Match Types Explained. Part 2

Last time we looked at the two types of Broad match that can give you a high numbers of clicks on your PPC accounts. However, if these clicks are not controlled properly they can prove to be irrelevant and unlikely to convert into business. One good way around this is by using other match types […]

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Tracking Google Merchant Center In Google Analytics

Google Merchant Center (formerly known as Google Base) is a fantastic way to get targeted traffic to your website, it’s especially handy if you haven’t yet achieved the rankings you want in the search engines. The traffic is usually pre-qualified (they know what they’re looking for) and tends to convert much better than more generic […]

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Paid Search – Instant Results

At Ignition Search we tend to start most new clients with some level of Paid Search. Of course, it has to fit a brief, and goals for the campaign and so on, but we tend to get the best results short term through this channel and it allows us to drive the strategy forward based […]

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5 Essentials For Any Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce is hard work; there is no escaping the fact that selling online requires hard work, dedication and knowledge in order to succeed. Quite often we come across online stores that could be great however just miss a few important factors that cost them time, effort and money. We’ll look at a few of these […]

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Google Hides Search Referral Data

You may have noticed recently on your analytics account that a new category has been appearing in your keyword traffic results – this category is appearing as: (not Provided) Not too helpful I’m sure you’ll agree. We’ve had many clients ask us what is going on and why this is happening. Logged in Keyword Search […]

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