Five Tips to Generate More Social Media Traffic

Social media can be an incredible source of traffic although it takes time to build an audience before you start to see the results. The greatest thing about social media is that you can engage and build relationships with real people who are potential customers.

The way you approach different social media mediums may differ but the goal from every one is the same: engage.

Join Different Social Networks

As obvious as it may sound, you’re never going to get the best traffic by just using one social network. Potential clients can be found everywhere and limiting yourself in the social media mix is the modern day equivalent to moving in to a log cabin in the middle of hills and living life completely in solitude. The best practice would be to try several social networks and see which bring the most traffic. And don’t just limit yourself to the big players (Facebook, Twitter etc), there’s a goldmine of networking opportunities in the smaller areas of the web that may be much more relevant to your brand.

Make your links obvious


People aren’t going to trawl your accounts for a link, they need it right in front of their eyes or they’ll click away. On Twitter you need make sure that the link to your website is in your description. On Linked In, you can choose to personalise links so they’re easily viewable. On Facebook you can provide a visual option in the form of plug-ins. It allows you further develop the visual element of your brand as well as providing something obvious for users to click elsewhere.

Post Regularly

You won’t keep getting traffic from social media if you don’t post daily and constantly engage with people. Don’t be a robot either. There’s no point in simply posting when you’re at work because the likelihood is, other people are also at work and won’t have to acknowledge what you’re talking about, never mind what you’re trying to sell. Schedule tweets and statuses throughout the day and back them up by re-posting them at different times weeks/months later.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags allow you to be discovered by people interested in what you’re talking about. This means your traffic opens up to a much wider audience. You can also comment on things that are topical by searching popular hashtags. Almost every social media and blogging site incorporates hashtags now, including Facebook.


You should’ve noticed this key term running through the post by now. Be human, talk to people. Whether it’s commenting, liking, asking questions or sharing posts, the key to success in social media is to be involved on all aspects. The more you engage, the more people will be driven to your profile and create more traffic towards your site.

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