The Number 1 Overlooked Link Building Tool…Your Phone!

Internet marketing is an industry obsessed with outlook and social media. It dominates our link building and outreach efforts so much that marketers have become blind to the most powerful tool in their arsenal; their phones and more importantly…their voice.

We read blog posts daily telling us that we should build long term meaningful relationships but email and tweets will only get us so far. With rogue elements of our industry spamming contact forms and emails, it’s time that marketers went back to traditional outreach.

Build Relationships with Your Voice – Not Outlook!

I’ll start by saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with outreaching to people in your industry by outlook however it seems like we’ve all missed the point. If we want to make real relationships then we need to move to a more personal medium. So often can tone and intent be misconstrued on an email as opposed to a phone call.

Don’t Get Lost In The Spam Folder

If you’re reaching out to someone new then there is always the chance that your emails could end up in a spam folder never to be seen again or simply disregarded as “just another SEO company looking for a guest post opportunity”.

Don’t Be Another “SEO Company”

There are literally tens of thousands of emails a day being sent regarding guest posting or links which has caused a large amount of resistance against the genuine firms looking to produce and syndicate great content. By moving to the phone, you can avoid being lumped in with the low level spammers.

Generate Better Ideas By Sounding Off Your Target Market

The best content is the one created with your target market in mind and there is no better way to qualify your ideas than with the people who will hit the publish button. By speaking to them directly, you can save time and energy by writing exactly what they think will work best rather than what your assumption may be.

They are the people who will post your piece and go the extra mile to share it if you engage with them on a personal level and offer them a great piece.

It’s A Missed Opportunity – How Many Internet Marketers Are Calling?

There are plenty of sales people trying to sell search marketing but not many marketers calling to speak about content. As an industry we’re always looking for the next gap in the market to get closer to our goal of more traffic and links. Since so few are actually picking up the phone and speaking directly to their target market, it opens up an amazing opportunity to be unique.

Cold Calling – A Hard But Valuable Skill To Learn

Cold calling potential website owners and bloggers can be a daunting task and like anything, it can take a lot of practice to find your form. Not everyone will appreciate being called and it’s certainly not an approach suitable for every website however if done correctly then it can paid huge dividends long term. Continue to use your current research methods to find these potentials but engage them on the phone where you can ultimately create more meaningful relationships and should earn more valuable and unique links.