The Power of Site Link Extensions on PPC Advertising

Google Adwords and PPC advertising remains a constantly evolving weapon in an online marketer’s armoury. Every month Google is finding new ways to increase their coverage, provide a better quality of search and ensure that advertisers keep up with all the changes to still perform well and drive quality, targeted traffic to their websites. One tool that has been available for a while, but has lost none of its sharpness, is the Site Link Ad Extensions feature.

All of the Google Ad Extensions have their benefits, but the Site Links one is probably my favourite. In short, it enables you to add up to 6 additional lines of text and associated links to your website beneath the initial advert. For ecommerce clients this is especially useful as you can link to best-selling products, complete products lists or similar themes all within the same ad space. This gives the customer a much more detailed picture of your offering at their first stage of interaction.

Every account, no matter how large or small, can benefit from Site Links. Correctly implemented Site Links will work straight away to drive quality traffic to your website. It is a common misconception that you will get charged multiple times by Google for using Site Links, but this isn’t the case. Google will charge you once per advert regardless of whether a customer clicks on the main advert or one of the Site Links. Essentially with relevant, well targeted Site Links running on your campaigns, you are giving customers multiple ways into your website rather than just one.

Another great feature of Site Links is that you can track their individual performance within the Adwords interface. As the image below illustrates (with the actual link names removed for data protection) different links can even effect your ad position and can be constantly refined to ensure your adverts are getting shown more often.


As ever, when you’re setting up Adwords accounts and extensions, it’s best to do so with someone who is a Google Qualified Professional. As well as being kept up to date with all the new changes that occur, they will be able to manage the links on a day to day basis ensuring you get the best possible results.

Adwords is changing all the time, but Site Link extensions remain a superb tool. Run correctly, they increase CTR’s and Ad Position and drive more visitors to your website. Make sure your account has them running today.