The SEO Game is Afoot!

Trying to solve the mystery of a good SEO strategy is a murky business littered with rogues waylaying you at every junction, dodgy characters lurking in the shadows and temptation a constant whispering voice coaxing you to commit crimes against your own website.

How do you begin to know what the right thing to do is to get your website ranking for the correct terms? Even the great Sherlock Holmes would struggle with that one!

Look For Clues

Like any good detective one must try and remain impartial and strip the problem back to the bare facts through observation and research.

So, you have a website but it doesn’t get as much traffic as it used to; and you’ve noticed that you no longer rank for terms that used to drive good enquiries. Your analytics are showing worrying downward trends. What has happened? Has a rival meddled with your site somehow? Has your market fundamentally changed? Has your site been penalised?

Probably none of the above. The answer will likely lie in that flighty and cunning enemy that you didn’t even know was working against you:

The fiendish Google.

How do you arm yourself against such a secretive enemy?

Know Your Enemy

Let’s not forget that Google exists to give its users the most relevant experience in relation to what they have typed into that search bar. So, you should switch strategy and work WITH your former enemy.

Your competitors seem to be flooding their blog with re-hashed, low quality, low volume ‘articles’. That doesn’t look very good and some of your customers are saying how pointless they find this type of content. Your competitor’s sites also seem to be gaining hundreds of links each month. What are they doing that you are not?

You’re nervous, sweating and twitchy. Should you sign-up for that link profile you got by e-mail last week? Only £99 per month for 100 links. Is your site underperforming because you aren’t doing that and your competition IS doing it?

Resist temptation at all costs. Don’t give in to the voices! These crimes will be punished as you WILL get found out!

Prepare for a Match of Logic

So, let’s not overcomplicate matters by hatching a grand plan to pull the wool over Google’s all-seeing eye, cackling manically and dribbling into your laptop. Let’s forget about the mysterious algorithm and start thinking about what is relevant for your customers.

Eureka! I hear you cry. Let’s start producing good quality, unique and interesting pieces of content that your customers will value. Yes, yes and thrice yes!

Now let’s try and build a good link profile through research and investigation into sites that are RELEVANT to your site and to your customers. Let’s contribute to the worldwide web instead of flooding it with misleading and time-wasting red herrings.

The Google beast will be satiated and reward your efforts by ranking your page, driving traffic and generating impressions.

Case Solved

So, your research has paid off. Your commitment to quality in all areas is showing solid results and your rankings and traffic are all improving.

Not only that but your customers are complimenting you on how informative your website is and how they now look at it as a knowledge resource. And, yes, you are getting MORE customers as well!

It’s been a hard road and you’ve met resistance along the way and a demand for faster results; but now you can bask in the legacy you have left and your website lives to fight another day, forewarned and forearmed.