Why Using A Google Qualified Professional Is Better For Your Adwords

Over the past few years, many new companies and individuals have popped up offering AdWords and PPC services to people looking to advertise on Google. However, when it comes to selecting somebody to help manage your AdWords account for you, it’s important to check that person is qualified to do so first. To become a Google Qualified Professional you have to pass at least two of the four main exams that it offers. The first is the Fundamentals, which is an overview of all the processes that sit within an AdWords account. Many people assume that they are qualified simply be passing this exam. However, you only become a Qualified Professional if you have passed this and at least one of the three Advanced exams. It is these exams, in Search, Display & Analytics, that really prove your expertise in handling not just one account, but multiple accounts across the Google AdWords interface.

The other thing to check along with the qualification, is whether or not it’s still valid. Google is updating and improving the way it works almost every week of the year. This is why you have to retake the Google Advanced Exams every 12 months to remain qualified. If you’re looking for a Google Qualified Professional to help you with your AdWords, make sure they didn’t pass the exam four years ago and all their knowledge is now out of date.

There are many reasons why the qualification is so important to running successful AdWords campaigns. For starters, it proves the knowledge of the person is valid and up to date. It shows they have a commitment to being an expert in their chosen field and not just a company who have decided to branch out into PPC advertising with little or no understanding of it. Above all though, it shows that the person has an in-depth knowledge of every aspect of a successful AdWords campaign. Aside from this, being a Google Qualified Professional means you have a direct line to Google; who will keep you abreast of all the new changes and features before those who aren’t qualified will have a chance to see them.

If delivered correctly, PPC Advertising can change your business. It can drive targeted, qualified customers to your website that will result in more conversions and more revenue. If delivered poorly though, by people who aren’t qualified to understand all the features available, it can result in poor quality traffic flooding your website which will have little or no interest in ever converting. Choosing the right PPC manager for your AdWords is fast becoming one of the most important decisions an online business can make. Don’t cut corners with someone who isn’t qualified to understand how to do it properly. You wouldn’t have an operation done by someone who wasn’t a qualified doctor, or get your car fixed by somebody who wasn’t a mechanic, so don’t let someone who isn’t a Google Qualified Professional be in charge of your online Advertising.