About Us

Working with Sheffield’s industry and commerce through to major international brands, SMEs and innovative new start-ups since 2007, Ignition Search provides a range of high quality internet marketing services in a wide range of industries.

Enjoying organic year on year growth, our biggest sales channel has been word of mouth. Our commitment to standards, business ethics and transparency in service has meant that our clients are happy to refer us into their business network. We also deliver results – and that helps too!

Our approach is to continually improve as a business, taking both our new and existing clients forward with us whilst working hard as a team to improve our knowledge.

Why Work With Us?

Well apart from being a great bunch of people who enjoy tea spin, here are a few reasons why you should consider working with us:

  1. We are technically very competent with a drive for excellence in our work. We are comfortably the leading technical internet marketing agency in Sheffield.
  2. We can make the difference between an ok project and a fantastic project!
  3. We are able to work with your design or web agency to turn around projects that maybe misfiring or consult in the development stages to make sure it’s a success.
  4. We understand conversions and the art of getting more business online. Generally speaking, your web agency **will not be able to cover these critical areas** with the same depth of knowledge. This means lost sales, lost enquiries and lost revenue.
  5. We work with large and small budgets. We understand every penny counts.
  6. Our team love coming into work. We have happy people at work and that translates right through to client results.
  7. We have great relationships with clients. We love them coming into the office to see us or going on site visits. They sometimes even have a bash at tea spin.
  8. We are official Google Partners. This means we are qualified, our business is healthy and Google trusts us to deliver its product set with professionalism and capability. Of the 250,000 agen­cies offer­ing Adwords ser­vices in the UK, we are one of only 300 offi­cially badged by Google.