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What is UX?

UX is short for User Experience. In the context of website design, we focus on ensuring that your visitor can find everything they need on your website pages in a sensible and logical order. A focus on UX is a focus on your customer service that will reward you with more visitors and more conversions.

If you have ever flowed through a website and found the experience easy, effortless, engaging and intuitive, there is a good chance that time and effort has been invested in UX and UX design.

Am I moving my customer forward in their journey?

If the answer is no, then the content is wasted. It takes a focussed effort applying UX best practice principles to strip away unnecessary clutter on a web page in order to improve the user experience. There is a temptation to try and get across all the points you want to make in long-form content, but this often distracts the user AWAY from the point and can result in an overly long, boring bank of words that your visitor is simply not going to engage with.

A good guide to what each high-quality UX page should demonstrate is:

Explanatory page headings or headings with questions.

‘Time to answer’ is a focus of the page.

Clear presentation, layout and design.

Your content is created for a beneficial purpose.

Why invest in UX?

Good UX can have an enormous positive impact on revenue and conversion rate. Not only will it encourage a higher engagement rate from your user but it is also an important part of the search engine algorithms so it can lead to higher rankings and therefore more traffic.

Small changes can inch forward conversion rates and engagement metrics that leave a lasting legacy of strong signals and authority. Put simply your site will:

  • Rank higher
  • Attract more visitors
  • Convert Better
  • Leave a lasting legacy of traffic

Why work with us?

Ignition has an established and proven approach to moving User Experience forward. We have over 14 years experience in this field and have invested in our AI technology to augment our knowledge of key phrases and the commercial intent behind them.

Our UX professionals are dedicated to improving the information architecture of your website pages and moving the usability forward step by step.

This has led to an impressive track record of delivering results to clients:

  • More traffic
  • Higher rankings
  • More conversions
  • Lasting results

Let us know if you are interested in our help.

Ignition took the time to get to know us and our market, and demonstrated a high level of skill in actually identifying and fixing the issues. They recommended some actions that took us way out of our comfort zone but time and time again they proved to be successful. As the revenue consistently came flooding back in month on month we were delighted!

John-Paul Marsden, Sales and Marketing Manager, Russum's

Our eCommerce was treading water until Ignition sorted out our account and tripled the conversion rate. They’ve been trustworthy, helpful and reliable; they’ve got our best interests at heart and I can’t recommend them enough.

Mike Kent, Managing Director, Kitlocker

With a focus on ROI, Ignition Search increased both branded and non-branded online conversions to record levels. Their ability to greatly improve the quality of the product feed was a key factor in our success and as a result of their performance we are now rolling out online shopping on an international scale.

Robert Perry, Digital Manager, Pretty Green

Going transactional and tapping into new markets, it was essential that our existing and new customers could identify with our products and company values. Ignition has proved invaluable with its unparalleled attention to detail, always delivering the best results and exceeding our expectations.

Richard Sim, Digital Manager, United Carpets & Beds

I’ve been working with Ignition for a while using both SEO and PPC and have nothing but positive things to say about them. Their honesty and integrity shine through, which is reassuring after having several negative experiences with other agencies.

I’ve been impressed with their constant striving to help and get results for us as a business. Nothing is too much for any member of staff when it comes to asking for help and their results have been impressive. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Emma Cusden, Marketing Manager, Health and Aesthetics

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