How Much Is Bad UX
Hurting Your Ecommerce Store


Find out how an ecommerce store made massive search ranking gains purely through UX improvements

UX is now a primary factor in SEO because they both share the same goals. You may already know that search engines are now focussing primarily on providing searchers with answers to their questions. Good UX helps website visitors complete their task by providing them with relevant information in the most efficient and intuitive way.

This webinar will explain the importance of making UX central to the picture of your SEO strategy and where successfully ranking websites are focussing their efforts.

What will I learn?

  • Why UX matters
  • An overview of UX best practice for SEO
  • How websites are failing at UX
  • A case study demonstrating the effects of good (and bad) UX
  • Take home quick wins and what you can do NOW to rank better

Are you considering
a new digital project or campaign?