Pretty Green

Fashioning success through Google Ads optimisation

Combining brilliant basics with cutting edge features and a full strategy to drive year-on year growth and startlingly high returns.


Year on year increase in conversions


Year on year increase in
eCommerce revenues

£36 ROI

For every pound spent in AdWords

  • Search Campaigns
  • Shopping Campaigns
  • Display Remarketing
  • Customer Match

The challenge

Pretty Green is a men’s fashion brand with a clear connection to the music scene. Evoking the original style of rock and roll with a modern twist, the brand looks to unite people who share a love of both fashion and music. Competing against high-profile stores selling the same products, Pretty Green wanted to increase brand awareness and drive greater revenue and sales through its website. To achieve this, it turned to Ignition Search.

The approach

Aimed at people who already know the brand and are ready to act, we used brand shopping campaigns and dynamic remarketing to show personalised recommendations and reminders to people who had previously browsed the brand’s website but had not yet made a purchase. We used non-branded campaigns to promote the brand and appeal to new customers who were likely unaware of Pretty Green but attracted by sale items.

The results

The campaigns proved the importance and merit of intelligent targeting as the number of shoppers visiting the website grew by 116%. Year-on-year conversions increased by 87%, while the revenue generated by eCommerce sales rose by 98%. For every pound spent on Ads, Pretty Green experienced an average return on investment of £25, peaking at £36.

With a focus on ROI, Ignition Search increased both branded and non-branded online conversions to record levels. Their ability to greatly improve the quality of the product feed was a key factor in our success and as a result of their performance we are now rolling out online shopping on an international scale.

Robert Perry, Digital Manager, Pretty Green

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