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Simple, elegant, strategic changes coupled with publication-ready press releases to get relevant industry links can make a significant impact to the bottom line.


Increase in organic traffic to
target product and content pages


YOY increase in transactions


YOY increase in revenue


YOY increase in eCommerce conversion rate

  • Expert Content
  • Technical SEO
  • Authority Building Campaigns
  • Original Research
  • Targeted Campaigns
  • Industry Interviews

The challenge

Russums is a family-run business focusing on catering clothing and kitchen supplies for the hospitality industry. In early 2015, Ignition replaced the firm’s current marketing agency, which had never really taken the time to understand Russums’ market, customers or brand. This led to a Google penalty and had a negative impact on Russums’ brand and how its products were perceived.

The approach

We focused our content marketing efforts on improving organic performance in a way that made most commercial sense to the client—namely, through an SEO service. Rather than hold sessions to generate ideas for content, our approach relied on researching what Russums’ potential customers are actually asking for. To increase traffic and sales, we based our objectives on historical data taken from Google Analytics. This helped us identify a clear area on which to focus, to avoid spreading ourselves too thin and risking an erratic content strategy. ‘Chef’s knives’ was a clear profitable area accounting for around 22% of Russums’ revenue.

The results

Organic SEO results have been tremendous, with key target areas seeing increases across the board. We successfully positioned Russums at the top of Google Search for its most valuable keywords through producing content based on users’ actual search queries, SEO best practice and contributions from top industry experts. Generally, Russums positioned itself as an expert able to answer commercial-informational user intent, increasing its organic revenue in the process.

Ignition took the time to get to know us and our market, and demonstrated a high level of skill in actually identifying and fixing the issues. They recommended some actions that took us way out of our comfort zone but time and time again they proved to be successful. As the revenue consistently came flooding back in month on month we were delighted!

John-Paul Marsden, Sales and Marketing Manager, Russum's

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