United Carpets and Beds

PPC for leads and brand building

Search campaigns used as a vital part in driving leads while building a new presence online using Google Ads to support the growing needs of United Carpets & Beds as it taps into new markets.


New leads per month


YOY decrease in cost per click


YOY decrease in cost per conversion

£37.70 ROAS

For every pound spent on Google Ads

  • Search Campaigns
  • Display Remarketing
  • Landing Page

The challenge

The key objective of this campaign was to test the viability of Pay Per Week Carpets & Beds, a new subsidiary business for the nationally recognised supplier, United Carpets & Beds. We were tasked both with finding and accessing a new market of people interested in paying for carpets and beds in weekly instalments, and with collecting a sufficient number and quality of leads to maintain the new venture and allow the business to expand into new geographical areas.

The approach

Our strategy was to create a simple, mobile-led, lead gathering landing page and focus our ad spend on potential customers in specific, low-income postcodes who would benefit from this weekly method of payment. Working with the client to determine the quality of leads, we continually and methodically optimised the account throughout the year, refining its structure and focusing the budget on the best performing segments of the search market.

The results

With optimisation, experimentation, automation and hard work, we scaled this campaign at an impressive rate, surpassing the client’s expectations. We have not only accessed the search market for this product but dominated it, catapulting Pay Per Week Carpets & Beds from a viability test to the national market leader. This year, we have taken this pure search campaign from zero to over 1,200 conversions per month.

Going transactional and tapping into new markets, it was essential that our existing and new customers could identify with our products and company values. Ignition has proved invaluable with its unparalleled attention to detail, always delivering the best results and exceeding our expectations.

Richard Sim, Digital Manager, United Carpets & Beds

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