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Search Engine


We help develop and improve your visibility in natural search. Our work covers formal client strategies to one off technical projects, consultations and reviews. We work with clients directly and via agency partnerships.

Working to best practice standards, Ignition Search makes your website more attractive to people and search engines, delivering a long term legacy.

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Pay Per Click


Let our Google qualified Adwords professionals set up and manage your PPC strategy. Our team work hard to ensure all your budget is spent professionally, with our team focused heavily on click quality and return on investment.

Our team have helped global brands through to SMEs - delivering outstanding results in the process.

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Social Media


Our clients are now harnessing the demographic and geographic power of social media to directly interact with their customer profiles. Target customers by age, location and job type with incredible flair and innovation.

A registered Facebook and LinkedIn agency, we are the perfect partner for anyone wanting to take advantage of this powerful new advertising platform.

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Generating Leads Through SEO, Closing them the Old Fashioned Way!

Gen­er­at­ing sales is an age old prob­lem. Before the tele­phone was invented sales were done mostly by refer­ral. Busi­nesses and indus­tries were built on rep­u­ta­tion and loca­tion was an impor­tant fac­tor. Pro­pos­als and dis­cus­sions took longer as they were bro­kered by let­ter and telegram, meet­ings were booked weeks in advance and the trav­el­ing could take […]

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The Uncomfortable Truth About Mobile Ecommerce & Adwords

So we've all had the *oppor­tu­nity to move to enhanced cam­paigns. Enhanced cam­paigns of course got a big fan­fare and yes, we all know the stats on local search and yes we know the growth in smart­phones and mobile inter­net use gen­er­ally. We have been pum­melled for seem­ingly years on why we need mobile ecom­merce […]

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Five Tips to Generate More Social Media Traffic

Social media can be an incred­i­ble source of traf­fic although it takes time to build an audi­ence before you start to see the results. The great­est thing about social media is that you can engage and build rela­tion­ships with real peo­ple who are poten­tial cus­tomers. The way you approach dif­fer­ent social media medi­ums may dif­fer […]

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