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Maintaining and raising the company's online profile throughout a rebranding process

CMD provides a range of underfloor power systems, lighting and power busbars and lighting control systems, as well as office power, cable management and ergonomic solutions

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With three satellite websites, all heavily focused around specific themes CMD commissioned a web design agency to create a new, all-encompassing website for consistency purposes. As a collaborative effort, the client tasked Ignition Search with maintaining their traffic streams throughout the rebranding process whilst raising their online profile through online media relations and customer-led, high-quality content.


Our technical team provided guidance on SEO best practices and consulted on how to protect existing traffic streams across the clients' portfolio whilst providing the necessary hands-on scripting work to support the launch of the new platforms, ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining sales performance.

Meanwhile, we implemented a formal link building and content development strategy to position CMD as a market leader and achieve long-term SEO benefits. To help raise their online profile we compiled a consumer survey in partnership with Shaw Trust to add further authority to one of our campaigns, specially designed to resonate with our target audience, entitled 'Is your office disability-friendly?'

As a result we gained a great deal of traction and secured a number of in-depth features around the piece in key media outlets.


2017 vs 2016

Despite the potential for disruption and lost traffic, the client has successfully maintained their traffic levels and achieved their marketing goals. The campaign has effectively contributed to CMD ranking organically for their target keywords and earned high-quality editorial links.

With almost 7,000 extra visits compared to same period last year, CMD has seen an overall increase of 16% in organic traffic year on year from this campaign alone.


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