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887.5% year-on-year increase in goal completions

DataTrack Labs offer industry-leading technological solutions and multiple service options for hard drive data recovery.

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  • Unsuccessful in-house ad campaigns
  • Limited PPC budget
  • Struggled to grow revenue and ROI in an extremely competitive marketplace
  • Incurred a Google Penalty


A thorough evaluation of DataTrack Labs’ new AdWords account allowed us to make an array of data-driven decisions, focusing on revenue and ROI. Due to our budget, we were ruthless when it came to the keywords value; if it wasn’t generating return on investment it was scrapped. This allowed us to concentrate spend on the areas that worked.

To combat their onsite usability and readability issues, we designed bespoke landing pages following UX best practices. This involved creating a simplified design and making style changes to improve clarity and enhance the onsite customer journey. We also experimented with the enquiry form, testing different variations of questions, format and style.


Our data-based approach allowed DataTrack to remain relevant in a competitive market, while staying within a budget that they were comfortable with.

(2016 vs 2015)

1,254.64% increase in paid traffic year-on-year

887.5% year-on-year increase in goal completions


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