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ROI of £19.44 for every pound spent in AdWords.

Jackson Woodturners is a traditional and contemporary stair parts company offering a range of materials including oak, pine, glass and fusion. In early 2014, the company chose Ignition Search to power growth through its digital channels, focussing on paid and organic search

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  • Lack of strategy from incumbent agency
  • Low return on investment

We have been more than happy with the work and results we are achieving with Ignition. They are a highly skilled team who are committed to helping us move our business forward. Our ROI continues to grow month on month and we look forward to continuing our successful relationship with Ignition.

Lucie Jackson, owner of Jackson Woodturners


In order to dominate the search results for all major key terms, we set up shopping campaigns, concentrating spend on areas that worked and responded well to customer buying patterns. This ultimately had a positive impact on traffic and revenue.

As 49% of people complete a goal in up to 4 site visits, we introduced a smart remarketing strategy showing adverts with specific messages for people who had already visited the website but hadn’t yet converted.

To raise the company’s organic profile online, we used analytics to get behind search intent and based our expert content creation on what customers were actually looking for rather than what the industry was dictating. We were able to expand Jackson’s online coverage, increase organic traffic and improve website authority by having content showcased in key industry media outlets.

Through the use of high - quality link building and the implementation and population of a top - class advice centre, Jackson Woodturners is currently dominating space in the SERPs.


  • 33% increase in organic traffic
  • 70% increase in organic revenue
  • Ecommerce revenue increased by 20% YOY
  • ROI of £19.44 for every pound spent in AdWords


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