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Driving the business forward following a complex Google Penalty

Origin are the UK’s leading manufacturer of bespoke aluminium bi-folding doors. With offices in the UK, US and UAE, they are one of the fastest growing companies in the UK

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  • Huge drop in organic ranking and traffic overnight
  • Low conversion rates
  • Low-quality link building
  • Low-quality on-page SEO


To help bridge the loss of traffic we turned our attention to AdWords and started breaking down the service into key product ranges, making bespoke ad groups and highly targeted ad copy. To drive down cost per acquisition, we further refined our targets using time, location and device-specific scheduling methods. We created standalone campaigns for certain web pages to persuade customers to complete specific actions and increase conversion rates.

Ignition have been outstanding. Not only have they delivered fantastic ROI from our Adwords spend, they have recovered us from a complex Google penalty.

Ben Brocklesby, Marketing Director, Origin

Following a full SEO review, we proposed a clean-up operation, backed by a long-term project to build brand trust and authority/relevance signals. The review highlighted a multitude of problems, concluding that it was likely that the client had been hit by Google Penguin, at which point we started implementing our plan to unravel and regain Google’s trust. This involved:

  • Stripping back low-quality links
  • Removing spam from on-page areas such as titles, descriptions and image alt-tags
  • Rewriting content that we felt needed to be more usable
  • Starting a strategy of high-quality link building, focusing on partnering websites
  • Reorganising owned domains and a way to reach the clients brand online
  • Focusing on developing the Origin Global brand, rather than on keywords

After 3 months we had succeeded in removing most of the onsite issues, in which time our content strategists produced some great content pieces and built some really useful relationships with publishers in the home and garden industry.


Thanks to our excellent results, we have now succesfully rolled out a bespoke strategy on an international scale.

Organic Traffic

2016 vs 2015

Paid Traffic

2016 vs 2015


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